The following individuals are recognized at the Honors level for their lifetime contributions of $50,000 to $99,999. Please note existing members who qualified for the Honors level prior to July 1, 2014 are grandfathered into the program, and deceased members are indicated with an asterisk.

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Kerri A. and Michael Abatti
Amy and Robert P. Abramson
Thomas A. Afzal
Jose L. Agraz
Levent Alkibay
Barbara E. and Brock S. Allen
Cecelia* and James A.* Allen
Kristin Allred
Scott W. Allison
Nicholas S. Alston
Robert A. Alter
Ben and Sherrill Amador
Kasi and Rajeswari Anantha
Janis F. and Peter A. Andersen
David A. Anderson
Hayes L. and Marilyn J. Anderson
John D. and Marie J. Anderson
Carlton R.* and Eileen* Appleby
Brenton B. Armstrong
Desi Arnaz*
Darrell P. Asquith*
Eleanor S. Aufsesser*
Brian J. Austin
Cheryl L. Badger
George O. Baker and Carolyn B. Elledge
Kara Johnson Ballester and Andrew Ballester
David and Dolores A. Ballesteros
Phillip H. Banks
Patrick and Donna Baraya
Douglas E. Barnhart
Lawrence Baron
Lee Baron*
Barbara L.* and Richard C.* Barrett
Jana L. Barsten
Stacy L. Bartlett-Renshaw
Karen Bartnick
Stanley J. Bartnick
Richard and Denice* Bay
Charisse and Randy Beck
Martha C. and Ronald E. Beckman
Thomas Beers Jr.
Jennifer D. Belezzuoli
Hewes A. Bell*
Diane and Roy M. Bell
Abram S.* and Regina* Benenson
Dawn M. Benson
Florence P. and Robert L.* Benjamin
Helen S. Berlin*
Ronald Berman
Susan J. Bernay
Karen E. Biglin and Richard Turnier
Mike Biggs
John M.* and Maria Billings
Bruce and Lisa Bishop
Harry and Nan Black
Tammy R. Blackburn
Philip C. Blair
Ronald R. Blair
Susann M. Blair
William H. Bland
Cheryl and Steven A. Bloom
Stephen D. Blum
Benny Blumenfeld
Gordon and Leigh Boerner
Adelyse M. Bohannan
Roberta F. Borkat*
John C. and Jennifer M. Bost
Beverly S. Bowers
Albert C.* and Elisabeth L.* Boyer
Clare B. and Samuel M. Bradsher
Herman J. and Mary L.* Branin
Steven Brooker
Ronald Brouillette
Ann E. and Daniel Brown
Barbara J. Brown
Casey A. Brown
Dennis M. Brown
Harold and Lovie Brown
James E. Brown
Marilyn J. and Ronald W.* Brown
Steven and Shelley Brown
Stephen and Stephanie Brownell
Scott R. Brusseau
Graham and Rossy Bryan
Philip A. Bryde
Rob Bryson and Liz Mullarkey
Grace* and Reginald F.* Buller
Gail A. Burnett*
Joyce A. and Arthur F.* Butler Jr.
Donald H. Byers
John and Mary Cajigas
Victor E. and Jean M. Camp
Jerry E. Canning
Rob Cantonwine
Kevin J. Carlson
Lee Carson
Lavonne R. and Paul V. Cashman
Scott W. Cass and Angela Rauzi
Mary Darling Castillo and Rodolfo Izai Castillo
Kurt A. Cecconi
Winifred W. and Leonard G.* Chase
T. T. Chen
Lilly L. Cheng and Koun Ping Cheng
Jeffrey L. Chess
Caroline and Stephen Chinn
Florence Bacong Choe* and Chong J. Choe
Keith L. Circosta
Jeffrey and Ellen Clark
Kimberly A. and Mark W. Clemens
Ginevra M. Cleveland*
David and Lesley Cohn
Carolyn B. and Clifford W. Colwell Jr.
Eli B. and Helen G.* Comay
Robert C. Conklin*
Aaron Contorer and Lori Steele Contorer
David C. Copley*
Joanne and Paul Corriere Jr.
Robert L. Cottam*
Jerome and Renee Covin
William S. Cowling II*
Richard A. Cramer
Kirk V. and Debra P. Crawford
John D. and Jennifer K. Crisafulli
Michael B. Crisafulli
Deborah L. and Leslie H. Cross
Luis M. Cruz
Stephen M. and Elisa A. Cusato
Virginia and John D. Dahlen
William F.* and Patricia L.* Daiber
Scott Dale
Carolyn and Gerry Davee
Darlene Gould Davies
Inger P. Davis
Thomas B. and Anne E.* Day
David L. and Marion R. Dennis
Thomas H. DeWitt
Joseph F. Di Bernardo
Alice T. and Douglas B. Diamond
Denny Dickenson
Stella C. Dickinson*
Margaret Diehl*
Carol G. and James C. Dietz
William K. Dietz
Norman M. Dilley*
George G.* and Margaret* Dillon
Andrea M. and Ryan Courtney Dooley
Earl R. Dowdy
Peter Dragin
Fredricka* and Robert F.* Driver
Ernie and Marilyn Dronenburg
Richard A. Dryer
Irene Dublin
Robert E. Duke*
C. A. Dunn
Elvin and Carolyn Durup
Bill Earley
Lester E.* and Sue W.* Earnest
Rollin P.* and Ellen* Eckis
Jo Ann Eder
Darrel Edwards
Paul Eichen and Susan Flieder
Peter P. Elia
George M. Ellis*
Dottie Gann Emerson
Deanna T. Encarnacion and Reginald R. Reyes
Robin Escovado*
Jack Eskin*
Janet Brody Esser* and Robert Radlow*
Linda and John Eves Jr.
Deborah and Thomas Farrell
David A. Farris*
Nancy Federman
Francis X. and Donna B. Feeney
Joseph J. and Patricia Ferrero
Lillian D. Ferry*
Carolyn A. and Darryl B. Flaming
Sarita A. and Scott Flaming
Jon R. and Sharon Fleagane
Deanna J. Flores
Karen G. Foshee*
Burton Fox
F. Patricia Cullen* and Kathleen Fox*
Marvin G. Fox
Kathleen M. Frankel
S. L. Frankel*
Thomas D. Franklin and Ashley Mather-Franklin
Daniel Frazee
Edna Rae and Francis* Frye
Tom P. Gable Jr. and Laura L. Gable
Diane E. Gage Lofgren
Lori E. and Robert J. Gallagher
Douglas and Audrey Gans
Sergio S. Garcia
Robert C. Garvie
Diane Gaske
Audrey S. Geisel*
Archie V. Gerard*
John B. Gerding*
Elizabeth P. and Steven L. Gex
Nancy Reed Gibson and John S. Gibson
Pauline S. Giller*
Michael J. Gilligan
Dennis J. and Alison L. Gilmore
Marc B. Glazer
Enid and Martin L.* Gleich
Allen R. Glick
Beverly* and Joseph C. Glickman
Kimberly A. Godwin
Chuck and Susan S. Gold
Lucy Goldman
Victor J. Gonzales
Harvey J.* and Kathleen Goodfriend
Randy Goodson and Maria Mical-Goodson
Michele A. and Ryan M. Gorostiza
John E. Grant
Christina and Ernst Griffin
Georgia Griffiths
Joshua D. Gruenberg
Isabel and Paul Guidice
Tony* and Alicia Gwynn
Robert C.* and Jane Haggerty
Carl G. Haines
G. Houston and Michelle Hall
Grace M. Hall*
Henry Halle III
Geraldine Halpern
Richard P. Hamada and Michele D. Cole-Hamada
W. Brian* and Becky Hames
Michael A. Hamilton
Bernard H. Hamling
Brian B. Hansen
Carol L. Forrest* and Michael Harding
Catherine* and Edgar E.* Hardy
Bobbie Harkey* and Carl Whittenton
Oscar L. Harkey*
Thomas Harland*
Mark A. and Ann Harmon
James E. Harper
Awona W. Harrington*
Earl G. Harrington*
frederic j. harris
John H. Harris
Steven Haskett
Salah M. Hassanein* and Zandra Rhodes
Thomas E. Hassey
Chris A. and Eloisa R. Haudenschild
Florence E. and William M.* Hawkins Jr.
Brendan C. Hayes
Ash* and Juanita Hayes
Tory James Hazard IV
Edward V. Heck and Judith A. Nordberg
Lucina K. and Dennis Heipt
Barbara B. and Edvard A. Hemmingsen
Jonathan C. Henderson*
James and Pamela Henry
Evelyn L. Henshaw*
Eugene and Suellen Hering
Jim and Leslie Herrick
Donald and Louise Heyneman
Jim Hight
Don E. Hildreth*
Peggy E. Hill
John A. Hine Jr.
Patricia* and Harry T.* Hodgetts Sr.
Kathi Hoffer and Richard M. Riedman
Douglas Holthaus
Grace V. Hoover*
Robert D. and Susan R. Howard
Gale A. Hurd
Pamela J. and Richard V. Hyatt
Frank E. Hydoski
Bryan Ireland
John O.* and Rhoberta* Irwin
Bruce and Gail Ives
Judith M. James
Olivia and Richard James
Richard L. Jenkins
Gertrude A. Jockusch*
Arthur S.* and Helen* Johnson
Howard William Johnson*
Joseph W. Johnson*
Nancy and John* Johnson
Mike A. and Raechelle D. Joplin
Judith P. and Ronald V. Josephson
Jennifer Fall Jung and Paul Jung Family Foundation
Jan Ann and Richard Kahler
Jim Kalb
David A. Katz
Ruth Katzen*
Patty Kawano
Allan and Peggy Keck
Brandon T. Keith
Marian* and Wilbur S.* Kelley Jr.
Paul G. Kerr
Kim and Mary Kilkenny
Grant W. King
Sherry B. and Thomas S.* King
Eleanor L. Kingsbury*
Michael J. Kinkelaar
Barbara G. and Hart G. Klein
Dee Dee and Jack Klunder
Jerry Klusky
Helen M. Knauer*
Jerry and Orit Kohen
Ronald J. Kolodkin
John Kontopuls
Joan B. Kroc*
Ronald G. Krueger
Dee and Niki Krutop
Jeanine and Larry E. Kuhlken
Matthias C. and Janice H. Kurth
Darcy LaBelle and Timothy Burkart*
Steve and Monica Lacher
Ellen E. and Gene G. Lamke
Adam P. and Pamela Larson
Paul F. Leader
Frederick W. and Sharon Lear
J. William and Rosella M. Leasure
Raymond and Mei-Jia Lee
Travis Lee
Robert A. Leonard*
Donna J. Leonhard
James B. and Leslie R. Levinson
Gerald J. Lewis
Michael D. and Mindy C. Lewis
Richard Lin
Paul A.* and Virginia C.* Lingren
Alan J. and Hollis M. Litrownik
Thomas Lohner
John K. and Kahoru Lohrenz
Rocky Long
Gregory T. Lucier
Frederic B. Luddy
Raymond E. and Sue A. Lussa
Sarah MacPhee*
Jim G.* and Norma L. Malik
Cheryl L. Mangum*
Margaret S. Mannatt-Galvin
Roger Marchand
Pamela and Jess Marino Jr.
C. Dennis* and Linda* Marteeny
Elaine B. Marteeny
John T. O. Martin
Brad Mason
Ed and Kathy Mateer
Henry E. McAdams*
Michael L. and Heidi McCandless
Thomas J. and Virginia McCarron
Kevin R. and Leann McCarthy
Scott R. and Rosette H. McClave
Mark A. McDonald
Christopher R. and Karen A. McIntyre
Marcia J. McKeon
Jean C.* and Matthew S.* McLaughlin
Ival M. McMains
Sean McNanie
Martha E. McPhail
Bryan Meegan*
Linda A. and Steven J. Mento
Patrick C. Mercardante
Richard Miles Metcalfe III
David G. Meulmester
Dana and Michael W. Miller
William Miller
Irma B. Mills*
Bryan Min
Victor S. and Amy Mitchell
Niaz Mohamed
Kenneth Monson*
Brian F. and Rose Mooney
Donald B. Moore
Alexander E. Mora
Michael S. Morris
Willliam S. Morris
Carol A. and Edward E.* Morrison Jr.
Beverly K. and Gregory I. Mowat
Scott Mubarak
Vincent E. and Catherine Mudd
Richard J. Muhl*
Gerald and Janet Mulder
John Mutch
Christina H. Myers*
Gary F.* and Sharon W. Naiman
Jack Naiman
Greg Newbold
Dora M. Newell*
Dwight J. and Barbara J. Newell
Galen K. Newhouse
Arthur E. Nicholas
Christina S. Nielson
Ricardo De Lacerda Nogueira
Christian W. and Marilyn R. Nolet
James R. and Jacqueline A. Norgan
Daniel F. and Charissa K. Novak
Brian Obert
Owen O'Brien*
Gracia Mae Ogden*
James M. and Mary A. O'Hara
Lottie E. Olberg*
Flora L. Olsen*
John W. Orendain
S. Harry Orfanos*
Ferdinando Orlando
William S. Ozenbaugh
Herbert and Nancy K. Palmtag
Carol Pan
Kevin G. Paulson
Alfred A. Pease
Michael and Mary Peddecord
Deb C. Pedersdotter
Vincent E. and Cynthia D. Pellerito
Christopher M. Pendleton
Margaret F. Peninger*
Eugene H. Pennell*
Clay K. and Dorothy N. Perkins
Jennifer L. Pesqueira
Dan George Peterson II
Scott M. Petry
Rebecca F. and Steve Phillpott
John G. Pitcairn
Edward F. Plant
Burdett B. Plumb
Gary J. and Roxanne Pokrzywinski
Barbara K. Polland
Dean O. and Sharon A. Popp
Roger J. Power
Duane Pratt
David Pryor
Donald W. Purvis
Mary M. and Kedar D. Pyatt
Kevin F. Quinn
Doralee M. and Roland R.* Radichel
George A.* and Patricia M.* Rahe
Arch H. and Laree Rambeau
Susan B. Razzaia
Aaron and Cathi Read
Douglas David Reid* and Sharon Jasek Reid
Robert E. Reifschneider
Carol A. Reilly
Kevin L. and Linda Reiners
Justin J. Rennilson
Wendy D. Reuben
William Rice
John A. Richards
John K. and Lisa T. Richards
Glenda Richter and Michael Pearlman
Melvin Riddlespurger
Don and Sharon Ritchey
John W. Robinson
Stephen B. Rodecker
Armando M.* and Beatriz* Rodriguez
Eddie W. Rodriguez
Phoebe E. and Stephen Roeder
Marisa J. Rollolazo
Daniel and Joan Roman
Rick and Sharon Rosas
Scott Rosen
Richard Rosenblatt*
Allison Rossett
Theodore D. Roth
Sally F. Roush
Judith L. Rubenstein
Robert A. Rubenstein
John W. Rubey
M. Gale and Mary B. Ruffin
Irakli O. Rukhadze
Gerald G.* and Dorothy J.* Rundle
Michael T. Rundlett
Bonnie J. Sattler
Minas and Angie Savvas
Jack H. Schlacter
Mark A. Schlossberg
Kathryn V.* and Robert F.* Schmedding
Fay Schopp
Robert A. Schroeder
Bonnie K. and Thomas R.* Scott
Jon M. Scurlock
Robert G. Scurrah Jr.*
Mark and Loren Selman
Steven Shackley
Hasmukh and Nalini Shah
David E. Shaw
Jason Shidler
William Shipley
Helen Pastore Shultz* and R. Joseph Shultz*
Norah P. Shultz
Rick A. Simas
Barbara Erickson Sisk* and Don Sisk*
R. Russell Slaughter
Mary Ann* and Raymond E.* Slawinski
Barbara W. and Robert G. Slyker Jr.
Eric T. Smith and Julianne Herz Smith
Gregory J. and Arlette G. Smith
Jane K. Smith
Irving J. Snyder*
Ky and Susan Snyder
Kwan and Marion So
John C. Spinosa
E. F. Sprague
Alexander L.* and Jeannette* Srbich
David Stang
Jack L. Stanley
Scott F. Steckel
Dan H. and Lori K. Steinberg
Catherine A. and Clarence E.* Stephenson
Mort Levy* and Ruth Stern
Dennis Stewart
Michael and Karen Stone
Verneka A. and Erik Strom
Paul Stuverud
Jimmy and Sherri Summers
Flora E. and Joseph M.* Suozzo
Janusz C. Supernak
Frank Suryan
Anne M. and C. Scott Sutcliff
Andrew Y. J. Szeto
William B. and Pauline M. Tagney
Arthur Teeter*
David G. Teincuff
James H. Tharp*
Michael A. and Catherine Thiemann
Larry L. Thomas*
Gordon M.* and Mary B. Thompson
Dick Thurlow
Julie A. and William P. Tifft
Gracielle V.* and Harold B.* Tipton
Lu Tongbi
Robert and Joan* Toomey
Thomas E. Tourtellott
Terry B. Tri*
Elizabeth H. and Jack S. Troedson
Marjorie S. Turner
Roger Van Wyk
Adrienne and Juan Vargas
Glen and Lisa Vieira
W. C. Waddell
Mary K. and Raymond Wagner
Diane F. and Ronald D. Walker
Kay K. Wallace
Kenneth D. Walsh
Donna M. Ward-Prine and George D. Prine
Susan E. and Michael G. Watson
Jack Webb and Joan D. Schlossman
James E.* and Marjorie* Webb
Edward W.* and Jean L. Wedbush
Daniel M. Weintraub
James E. Weir
Walter E. Weiss
Pamela T. and Forrest L. West II
Don White
Betty B. Whitehead
G. E. Whittenburg*
Teresita A. and Charles M.* Wilborn
James F.* and Mary J.* Wilson
Karin Winner
E. Keene Wolcott
Skip J. Woodson
Ellen O. Woolley*
Diane and Donald Wozniak
Rona and Edward C.* Wright Jr.
Frank D. Wright
Richard D. Wright
Timothy D. Wright
Gerald J. and Una Yakatan
Richard B. Yale Sr.*
Li Yang
Marycarol and Robert D.* Yarbrough
Glenn Allan Yee
George Young
Sylvia K. Young
Cleo J. Zweck*
Judith W. Zyskind

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