Magna Cum Laude

The following individuals are recognized at the Magna Cum Laude level for their lifetime contributions of $500,000 to $999,999. Please note deceased members are indicated with an asterisk.

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Dorothy Allshouse*
Lisa and Steven R. Altman
Christine A. Audette and Hans Leenhouts
Sanford I. Berman*
Betsey and Vincent Biondo Jr.
Diane L. Borden
Eugene* and Barbara* Bowman
Susan L. and William L. Brandt
Andreas L. Brown
Edwin J. Burchill
Deborah Gann Carstens
Katie and Lawrence B. Cook Jr.
Stephen Coslik
Clare B.* and Loch Crane Sr.*
Dian L. and Paul E. Denyer
Ronald E. Dietz
Glenna L. and Raymond V. Dittamore
Mary M. Donaldson*
Harrison Ellenshaw
Kevin J. Elliott*
Perry and Phyllis Feuer
Kimberly A. and Mark E. Filanc
Richard and Sharon Fogg
Ellen and Max Gelwix
Rabbi Aaron z"l and Jeanne Gold
Marcia H. Green
David A. and Deborah A. Hawkins
Stuart D. and Lee Henry
Arthur* and Eleanor B.* Herzman
Ervin Hjemvik
Robin and George Holbrook
Linda D. Holler and Mary Kelly
Loren S.* and Dorothy M.* Hover
William G. Irish*
Debby and Hal Jacobs
Alan Jennat and Carmen Gloria Catalan
Oscar J.* and Rose* Kaplan
Don Kelm
Alma L. Koch and Michael S. Pollak
Gary A. and Maxine A. Kreitzer
Charlotte G.* and Donald B.* Leiffer
Mark and Debbie Lindner
James C. and Linda H. Logan
H. Donald Lynn*
John J. Martin
Karen L. McElliott
Charles and Kathleen Mendenhall
Marylinn J. Metzke
Stephen B. Nielander and Dominique K. Alessio
Christine M. Neuner
Thomas P. Newton and Lisa Hengehold Newton
Terry L. O'Donnell
Christopher and Janice Penrose
Connie J. Peterson
Audrey and Thomas G.* Pine Jr.
Gigie and Larry Price
Christine H. and Christopher J. Probett
Anton D. Ptacek*
Dennis A. and Marilyn Pugh
Frances* and Stanley* Quon
Stephen J. Reaves
Monte and Paula Reed
James A. Reisweber
Barb and Dale Robinette
Steven M. Rogers*
Peter Seidler
Dorothy F.* and George R.* Shumway
Howard B. and Jill M. Singer
Neva Smith*
Thomas A. Spencer
Robert W. Straumfjord* and Marilyn Anderson Straumfjord
Gaby and Richard Sulpizio
Jack and Laura Sword
Olin E. and Dortha M. Thompson
Marian K. Van Kirk*
Dale and Deborah Walker
Robert D. and Ginger* Wallace
Catherine and David E. Want
Stephen L. and Susan K.* Weber
Mario L. and Susie Woo
Dale A.* and Betty* Worm

The following corporations and foundations are recognized at the Magna Cum Laude level for their total contributions of $500,000 to $999,999.

3M Company
Alfred Harcourt Foundation Inc.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bernard and Barbro Foundation
Calma Company
Cox Communications, Inc.
Cubic Corporation
Daylight Solutions Inc.
Dixieline Lumber Company
Ellis Foundation
Ernst & Young Foundation
The Ford Foundation
Fred H. Bixby Foundation
Glazer Foundation
Institute for Cyber Threat Defense, The Leadership & Freedom Center
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.
KPMG Foundation
Land of the Free Foundation
Lawrence & Opal Maletta Scholarship Trust
Lawrence Welk - ABC Productions
Northrop Grumman
Roel Construction Inc.
Rees-Stealy Research Foundation
San Diego Computer Museum
San Diego Kiwanis Club Foundation
Scripps Health
Stensrud Foundation
Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Time Warner Inc.
W. M. Keck Foundation

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